Zentation.com permet de mixer une vidéo avec une présentation PowerPoint

Zentation est un service permettant de télécharger une vidéo d’une présentation sur Google Video et sa présentation PowerPoint sur Slideshare.net. Ensuite, on crée un compte sur Zentation et on peut synchroniser les deux. Pas mal!

What is Zentation?

Zentation offers the richest media on the web for video and presentations. Zentation provides a way to synchronize video uploaded to Google Video with your PowerPoint uploaded to a new sharing service called Slideshare.net. Zentation’s patent pending technology allows for the easy synchronization of your video and graphics without any technical knowledge.

How do I use the Zentation service?

* Upload your video to Google Video.
* Upload your PowerPoint to Slideshare.net.
* Log into Zentation and create a new Account (for free!) and “Add a New Presentation.”
o In the form, you will be able to copy and past the URL’s of your video and PowerPoint.
o Zentation will automatically extract the data, its total running time, thumbnail images, and put together a presentation.
o Finally, you can use our ZenSync™ tool to provide precise start timings for each graphic in your presentation.


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