WordPress gérera-t-il les tags en standard?

C’est en tout cas ce que laisse entendre ce billet:

Watch later this month for the release of WordPress 2.2. This upcoming release will add several new features, including built-in support for tags(!), Atom 1.0 feeds for posts and comments, some preliminary Atom Publishing Protocol support (I’ve been working on that), several new XML-RPC methods, widget support in the default templates, performance enhancements, and several other things that I can’t think of right now. Obviously, there will be more details available at the time of the official release, which is slated for April 22.


On se réjouit déjà de voir comment ils vont gérer les catégories et les tags et s’ils vont proposer des outils de conversion UTW -> tags standards. Mais on se réjouit quand même car ça manque…

Via WordPress tuto

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