Sandbag ou la correction en temps réel des enseignants

Trouvée sur CanardWIFI, une définition du “sandbag” qui est une des conséquences de la possibilité de se connecter en WIFI en classe:

(…) une autre tendance est le “sandbag”, qui consiste à corriger en temps réel les profs ou étudiants en cherchant sur Internet


Voici ce qu’en dit Wikipedia et on comprend pourquoi ce mot a été choisi pour désigner ce phénomène:

In games and adversarial settings, to “sandbag” is to intentionally understate one’s strength, with the intention of deceiving one’s opponents into overreaching. The sandbagger can then reveal a hidden strength to take the opponent by surprise. The usage has been noted in Demolition Derby,when drivers refuse to be aggressive and/or pretend to have mechanical problems until the last two or three cars are running then their car will start running just fine and/or they become more aggressive; poker, in which a player with a strong hand bets small amounts to convince opponents to stay in the game, and in golf, where a “sandbagger” is someone who misrepresents his handicap to gain an advantange over other players. Similarly, “sandbagging” is also regularly used in law to refer to the process of concealing winning arguments for as long as possible, to prevent the opposing attorney from preparing effectively to counter them. Rules of evidence and procedure often require early disclosure of certain kinds of arguments to prevent unfair sandbagging.


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